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When teeth are lost, it is often advisable to replace them with implants. An implant replaces the whole root of a tooth and grows fixed to the bone. Correctly placing the implant is essential and non-adjustable. This requires a thorough analysis of each individual case and highly specialized knowledge. Through atraumatic and aesthetic surgery we can adjust the gums around the teeth, what we call pink aesthetics”. The ultimate aim is to achieve an accurate imitation of a natural tooth in a beautiful smile, where the false tooth” is no longer visible.

With multiple implants we can develop more extensive bridges. Using 3D technology and with close collaboration between the prosthetics specialist and the surgeon, we can offer you a guaranteed aesthetically pleasing result. When teeth are as good as lost, we can extract them, replace them with implants in the same session and provide you with a provisional fixed bridge within 24 hours, or what we call immediate loading”. This way you are never without fixed teeth.

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Solitary tooth implant

Operator: Dentist Paule Peeters

Central incisor 21 is entirely broken horizontally and lost. The patient has thin gum and a high smile line.

Slide 16 9 3 1
Slide 16 9 2 2

Zirconia Abutment is CADCAM designed and on top of this a zirconium porcelain crown is placed. The implant abutment can be seen clearly on the radiographic image. The lateral incisors were built with composite to a good form.

Slide 16 9 3 4
Slide 16 9 2 3

The patient comes for regular checkups. Because of the fine porcelain work and the proper design of the tooth and the gum, we are able to recreate the natural tooth.

Implantaten en chirurgie impl 3 1
Implantaten en chirurgie impl 3 2


Two solitary implants with direct loading

This young patient suffers from agenesis (missing) of the lateral incisors. Orthodontic pretreatment is used to move the definitive canine teeth in the right position. This causes a space that will be filled with placement of two dental implants.

Slide 16 9 3 6
Slide 16 9 2 5

3D planning software is used to create a set up and implant guide to place the implants in the correct position.

Implantaten en chirurgie 1 4

During the same appointment the restorative specialist fabricates two temporary crowns. These crowns are shorter than the final crowns because strong loading has to be avoided during initial healing.

Slide 16 9 3 7
Slide 16 9 2 6

The temporary crowns are guiding the correct healing of the gums. During integration of the implants, the remaining frontal teeth were reconstructed with composite restorations to achieve the correct shape.

Slide 16 9 2 8
Slide 16 9 3 8

Final result after placement of the definitive porcelain implant restorations.

Slide 16 9 3 9
Slide 16 9 4 1
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