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General dentistry & pediatric dentistry


Your teeth will be fully examined, both clinically and radiologically. If desired — functionally and/​or aesthetically — fillings will be replaced with aesthetic white fillings under good insulation, such as a rubber dam. Due attention is given to the periodontium — the tissues surrounding the teeth, including the bone and gums. If necessary, a deep periodontal cleaning is performed, preceded by a periodontal measurement. After a healing period with an appropriate oral hygiene protocol, a new measurement is carried out and we can accurately compare the results and act accordingly. You will be notified at the appropriate time for follow-up visits as needed as well as for regular and preventive check-ups of your teeth.

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Starting at a young age (four years), we provide your child with proper dental care. Being sensitive to children’s needs is essential so that they come to the dentist with a smile. All treatments are explained and carried out in a relaxing and caring environment specifically geared toward young patients. At regular intervals, you will be notified for a control appointment to ensure regular and preventive follow-up care. In this way, we try to avoid unexpected problems.

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Pediatric dentistry

In children we seek to comfort them from the first meeting and onwards and win over their confidence.

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We strive to follow them throughout their development on a regular basis.

Pleasant surroundings and a good contact with the dentist are therefore crucial for us!

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During the weekends and on official holidays you can contact the Algemene Wachtdienst Antwerp between 9.00h and 18.00h by calling the paid number: 0903 39 969. Calls cost 1,50 euro a minute.