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A tooth is composed of a root in the bone and a crown through the gum. Endodontics is the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with the roots of the teeth. In the middle of the tooth is a channel through which a blood vessel and nerve runs. Because of cavities (tooth decay), wear-and-tear, trauma, etc., the nerve can become irritated and the tooth must be repaired. Some types of teeth contain several nerves. It is essential that the nerve is carefully removed. The channel is then disinfected and further filled to the root apex, to prevent further irritation and abscess formation. The most modern techniques are used, including the use of a microscope.

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Tooth 36 has a large caries causing inflammation of the nerve and then mortification of the nerve. The tooth will get a root canal treatment. This is done carefully under a microscope.

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With good insulation (rubber dam) the channels are gently widened with fine files. It is repeatedly flushed to disinfect. Finally, the roots are hermetically filled up to the root tip and the tooth will be closed again.

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The patient comes for further control in order to follow up the healing. If necessary, the tooth is reinforced with a glass fiber pin. If necessary, the tooth must be packed with a crown.

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