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Aesthetic restorative dentistry


With ceramic restorations and proper gum placement around the teeth, we achieve excellent and aesthetically pleasing results. We work in a team composed of a prosthetic specialist, a surgeon and a dental technician. To initiate a treatment plan we analyze your smile using professional photography. With this information, we make a wax model that is then tested and photographed in the mouth. Once the mold is finalized with the desired aesthetic and functional results, we proceed with the porcelain work. Organic, tissue-friendly techniques are used as much as possible. Only what is lost (due to cavities, wear-and-tear, trauma, etc.) is replaced by thin porcelain shells, table-tops and onlays. With specialized adhesive techniques, the pieces are placed one by one under complete isolation with a rubber dam. This creates a very strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing design with a very natural result.

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Ceramic crown and facing

Cutting tooth 12 and 11 must be reinforced with a crown. Teeth 21 and 41 receive a porcelain facing after bleaching.

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Porcelain crowns are permanently cemented and the facings are glued.

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The patient comes for a regular check-up where the bite is checked.

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Ceramic onlay or partially bonded crown

The molar tooth with the grey old filling shows multiple cracks. The neighboring teeth are endodontically treated. They are strongly weakened due to a big loss of tooth structure. This gives a high risk of tooth fracture during chewing.

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Exisiting restorations are removed under rubberdam isolation.

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The dental technician creates partial ceramic crowns (lithium disilicate).
The restorations are placed under strict isolation with a rubberdam. This creates the ideal circumstances (dry, no saliva) to achieve the best bonding to the remaining tooth structure.

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Final result after placement of three ceramic restorations. The teeth are functionally reinforced in a durable and esthetic way.

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Complete Rehabilitation with Composite with Limited Wear

Excessive intake of soda has caused to dissolve the enamel within the mouth of this young patient. The dentin (yellow tooth structure) is exposed and has to be covered again to prevent further tooth damage and lower tooth sensitivity.

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A digital impression of the mouth is transferred to the dental technician to prepare the new shape of the tooth. Transparent keys are fabricated to transfer the new form of the teeth into the mouth.

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Final result after using the composite injection technique. The teeth are again protected and the bite is restored. These composite restorations will be polished frequently during the annual dental checkup.

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